Repotting an orchid is a mastery of its own.

In case you were wondering, this is the second part, following the previous post on rootless phals. So I’ve seen numerous youtube videos to educate myself on orchid care, since bringing one home. Some of them recommended repotting, mainly to check on the root systems and for snails, others well did not mention anything about repotting.


And so the experiment begins. Heeding the advice of repotting, I decided to repot all my orchids regardless, just to be on the safe side. Now, repotting the orchids is not a bad idea and it really is not as easy as shown on youtube videos. I ended up smothering the roots, resulting (you guessed it) in rootless orchids because the roots died of suffocation.


Now as much as I would like to contribute the death of the orchid roots on my poor gardening skills, it was also due to environmental change and change in potting medium. So imagine throwing yourself in a totally new climate maybe like north pole or something, your body and mind needs time to adjust to the surround climate and environment.

Same goes for the orchid and I natively thought that repotting the orchids was going to magically bring them back to optimal health since supermarkets are not exactly garden nurseries. With the overload on stress factors (ie change in environment, potting medium, poor repotting skills), I did eventually killed some (!emphasis on some as in maybe less than five!) orchids but am in the midst of saving one or two. Fingers crossed I hope they do survive growing new root system and adapting to my home environment!


Published by jillsorchidarium

Sharing some of my personal experiences with orchids because the amount of information about orchid care is too limited or focused on particular areas. In addition, I'd like to share some of my photos of my pets, bonsais and orchids of course!

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