Orchid flowers die after arriving home.. What now?

YIKES totally unexpected. Bringing home a new pot of orchids and what happens? The flowers start dying off just days after. This was definitely unexpected since knowing that the plant is a live one, why do the orchid flowers die so easily? Does this mean the orchid is slowly dying and the wilted flowers is aContinue reading “Orchid flowers die after arriving home.. What now?”

My very first orchid haul!.. For a while..

SOOOO! Exciting news! I’ve ordered three new orchids from an orchid breeder not long ago and it came this week! This time round I chose three phalaenopsis hybrid just because I love orchids, especially phalaenopsis! They come in different sizes so I’m not limited to having huge plants around my already really cramped apartment! 😂 Guilty asContinue reading “My very first orchid haul!.. For a while..”

Rootless Phalaenopsis ≠ Dead Orchid Part 1

Unlike many other plants, if a Phalaenopsis orchid loses all its roots, it does not necessarily mean that it is 100% dead. Of course there are other signs that should be looked out for, in order to be sure if the orchid is dead or not. Needless to say, if the leaves are yellowish or theContinue reading “Rootless Phalaenopsis ≠ Dead Orchid Part 1”

To start off….. Understanding Phalaenopsis Orchid roots!

Introduction to my passion for Orchids. I did not grow up in a household full of plants or was taught the art of gardening or anything like that. I was a normal kid who went to school and did what she had to do, went on to work full time and lead a normal lifeContinue reading “To start off….. Understanding Phalaenopsis Orchid roots!”